Emme | Hypertone Studio Session #1

Hypertone Studio invited Emme to perform 2 tracks from her latest album recently released on MODULARFIELD Records accompanied by two special guests.

Track List:
0:36 XH-28/A feat. Alonso Boniche
6:26 A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing feat. Samaquias Lorta

Emme is an electronic musician, producer and live performer from Argentina, based in Berlin who takes her musical influences from all things science fiction; using a mixture of hardware controllers and synths she creates beautiful, soaring space-scapes and deep sonic explorations. Her music absorbs the audience and invites them on an inward journey where reality is perceived and transformed through sound.


Sound Engineer: Valerio Massucci
Camera Operator: Pavel Doušek, Jason Gold
Editing & Grading: Jason Gold, Valerio Massucci

PalmSquirrel | Hypertone Studio Session #2

Hypertone Studio invited Palm Squirrel to sum up what an abusive disorienting and aggressive acid trip feels like on the grey matter.

Track List
Crow Funeral
5:40 Mosfeet

Driving bass, two interweaving drummers and noisy guitar riffs, Palm Squirrel, a Berlin based Noise Rock outfit, uses repetition, aggression and samples from Jacob Rees-Mogg and Lee Carvallo's putting challenge to create a hard hitting powerful sound.


Sound Engineer: Valerio Massucci
Camera Operator: Dan Nachmany, Valerio Massucci
Editing & Grading: Dan Nachmany, Jason Gold, Valerio Massucci